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Dear Elisa

Is this factor a grouping variable (for random intercepts) or a random
slope ? How many levels does it have ? And lease can you give us the full
model formula.

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> Dear list,
> looking at the correlation values of my random effects, as well as the
> fact that my model fails to converge, it makes sense to me to simplify its
> random structure (while keeping maximal and according to our hp the fixed
> structure).
> One way is to remove correlations, and I know that the || notation works
> only with numerically coded factors.
> As far as I understood, I have two options:
> 1) use the package afex, putting my model as object of mixed and adding
> "expand_re=true"
> 2) use the original factor, by default read as "int"
> I want to use the option 2) because with mixed I can't apply the PCA
> function for random effects to check if my model is over parameterized.
> My questions are:
> a)    is it true that I can use my factor as it is when read by R, i.e.
> "int"?
> b)    if yes, does it make sense to keep in the model both the factor in
> the nominal form as fixed effect and the factor in the numerical form as
> random effect?
> Many thanks for your help,
> Elisa Monaco | PhD student
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