[R-sig-ME] convergence issues on lme4 and incoherent error messages

David Duffy D@v|d@Du||y @end|ng |rom q|mrbergho|er@edu@@u
Fri Jun 14 03:36:10 CEST 2019

FWIW, on my machine, 

lmer(cc_marg ~  mPair*spd_des + (1|cycle) + (1|ratID), data=dat)

runs without complaint. It's only when I add in mPair as fixed and random that I get problems. I notice that cycle has a *lot* of levels,and the distribution of cc_marg is pretty skewed. I always have trouble understanding measurement models in a lmer formula - mPair are six different measures, is that right? If that is the case, you might cross-check your results by running in MCMCglmm as an explicit multivariate model, and getting the same answers.

Cheers, David Duffy.

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