[R-sig-ME] denominator DOF in lme, inner-outer rule

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Wed Jun 5 16:19:17 CEST 2019

Dear all,

I have read in this
blog, that the function lme (in the nlme package) provides inaccurate
denominator dof for random slope models according to the definition given
by Pinheiro and Bates. Is this only a visualization issue, or such "wrong"
denDOFs are actually those used if I run an anova on the fitted model. In
the latter case, I guess the p-values and F-statistics provided by anova
for random slope models should not be trusted, correct?

I know that the estimation of the denominator DOF is a controversial topic.
When I say "wrong" denDF I only mean that they do not reflect the
estimation based on inner and outer rule defined by Pinheiro and Bates
(which is used for random intercept only models).

Thanks a lot

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