[R-sig-ME] A consultation about DF of the result of lmer

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Thu May 9 14:46:27 CEST 2019

Dear Rumeng He,

I'm glad that you were able to solve your problem. 

In future, please always copy your responses to the list, as I've done with this response, rather than sending a personal email to someone like me. Otherwise, people following the email thread won't know what the resolution was, and might think, in this case, than Anova() and anova() calculate df incorrectly.


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> Dear John,
>     Thanks for your reply. when I saw your example, I learned why I did wrong
> (In my experiment the individuals in different plots (in different stand density)
> suffer from different competition intensity. I hope to analyse the relationship
> between competition index and trees response to drought while exclude the
> impact of difference among plots characteristic. So I set the ID of plot as
> random effect and translate it to factors not competition index. Thus I did
> wrong. And when I used the dataset of sleepstudy making an example, I also
> did the same error.). Thank you very much.
> Best regards,
> Rumeng He

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