[R-sig-ME] Unrealistic coefficient values from an MCMCglmm mixed model

Ronan James Osullivan 113499328 @end|ng |rom um@||@ucc@|e
Mon Apr 1 18:45:43 CEST 2019

Hi Ben,

In my model, I have set the intercepts for GeneticType so that B isn't
relative to A (using "-1"). There are only 2 levels to GeneticType.
Apologies for the confusion.

The correct model should read:
model<- MCMCglmm(LRS~GeneticType*NAO+
                             GeneticType *Temp-1,
                          random = ~Year_of_Spawning,
                          family = "poisson",
                          data = data,
                          verbose = TRUE,
                          nitt = 1010000, burnin = 1000, thin = 1000)

Regards Temp, it is mean-centred whereas NAO wasn't. I re-ran the model
with a mean-centred NAO variable and it made no difference.


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