[R-sig-ME] Cannot have zero distances in "corSpatial"

Vinicius Maia viniciu@@@@m@i@ @ending from hotm@il@com
Thu Dec 6 19:33:35 CET 2018

Hi folks

data structure: plots nested in sites, and observations nested in plots. both site and plots used as random factors

When running a mixed model (lme4) I founded spatial autocorrelation on model residuals, thus, I tried nlme mixed models inclunding a spatial structure (e.g. corr=corExp(...)), since I have repeated measures at the same point (then, with the same coordinates) the package is unable to run, giving the error: Cannot have zero distances in "corSpatial" in nlme

It seems to be a common and unsolved problem


It is my first time here, sorry for any mistake in my post.



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