[R-sig-ME] help with glmer

Ben Bolker bbolker @ending from gm@il@com
Fri Nov 30 02:59:56 CET 2018

  An off-list conversation with Steve convinces me that he is right and
I'm wrong (on several counts); I was reading too fast.

  * 'time' is indeed log-transformed.  BUT ...
  * for the standard exposure correction, it would be log(INT<="census
exposure">) and not log(time<="number of years">) that would be the
sensible thing to do.

On 2018-11-29 8:07 p.m., Steve Candy wrote:
> Hi Sachiin
> I do not understand why "time" is included as an offset and even before
> that what the variable "number of years" refers to. An offset does not
> allow any scaling by a corresponding regression coefficient so you have to
> be very careful  to determine whether a predictor variable can validly be
> included as an offset.
> cheers
> Steve

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