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Sachiin M H @@chiin@mh @ending from gm@il@com
Tue Nov 27 13:51:17 CET 2018


survival- dead (1), alive(0)
size - sapling, juvenile and adult categories
HET and CON  - Heterospecific and conspecific negative densitites at 20m
(summ of basal area around 20 m radius of a focal tree)
INT - Census interval
quadrat - 100 number - 10x10m
time - log transformed number of years

this is the warning message at the model summary

Warning messages:1: In (function (fn, par, lower = rep.int(-Inf, n),
upper = rep.int(Inf,  :  failure to converge in 10000 evaluations2: In
checkConv(attr(opt, "derivs"), opt$par, ctrl = control$checkConv,  :
unable to evaluate scaled gradient3: In checkConv(attr(opt, "derivs"),
opt$par, ctrl = control$checkConv,  :  Model failed to converge:
degenerate  Hessian with 1 negative eigenvalues

my question is - how heterospecific and conspecific desnity influence
survival of sapling, juvenile and adult trees?

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