[R-sig-ME] lme4 1.1-19 going to CRAN soon

Ben Bolker bbolker @ending from gm@il@com
Wed Nov 7 03:36:26 CET 2018

  This is a heads-up that we'll be sending a new version of lme4 to CRAN
soon.  This is not a major revision (the proximal reason for sending a
new version is to address some minor CRAN-compatibility issues).
However, I did *almost* make a "brown paper bag release"
<http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/B/brown-paper-bag-bug.html>, so if
anyone feels like taking the development version for a spin in the next
day or so that would be appreciated.  (The new version is due on CRAN by
Nov 9; we have otherwise completed testing on Travis, win-builder,
reverse dependencies, etc ...)

    Ben Bolker


         • influence measure code from ‘car’ rolled in (see

         • ‘mkReTrm’ gets new arguments ‘reorder.terms’, ‘reorder.vars’
           to control arrangement of RE terms and individual effects
           with RE terms within model structures

         • adding material from the ‘RePsychLing’ package (on GitHub;
           see Bates et al 2015 arXiv:1506.04967) to show orthogonal
           variance components.


         • ‘as.data.frame.merMod’ finds conditional variance
           information stored either as ‘attr(.,"postVar")’ or
           ‘attr(.,"condVar")’ (for ‘glmmTMB’ compatibility)

         • change to defaults of ‘[g]lmerControl’ to print a message
           when fits are singular

         • new utility ‘isSingular()’ function for detecting singular
           fits; by default a message is printed for singular fits

         • ‘allFit’ function/methods have been moved to the main
           package, rather than being included in an auxiliary source

         • post-fitting convergence checks based on estimated gradient
           and Hessian (see ‘troubleshooting’) are no longer performed
           for (nearly-)singular fits (see ‘isSingular’)

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