[R-sig-ME] Using variance components of lmer for ICC computation in reliability study

Pierre de Villemereuil pierre@de@villemereuil @ending from m@iloo@org
Mon Jun 18 12:11:06 CEST 2018

Hi David,

> > Thing is: there is nothing like this for GLMMs. The lowest level of "residual variance" is basically the 
> > distribution variance.
> > You could think there would be such a thing with a threshold model, but it turns out that the total variance of 
> > the liability scale is non identifiable, so nothing there either.
> There is some information when there are multiple thresholds.

You mean information to measure e.g. additive over-dispersion? 

I agree but wouldn't you need quite a lot of thresholds (categories) for this to be measurable and not poses numerical issues? I have no practical experience in trying to account for that, so I'm curious if you have any experience in this.


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