[R-sig-ME] Different p_values from between groups to within groups

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Dear Luca,

Those p-values are conditional on the model and not to be used for
model comparison. First find out which model is the most appropriate,
then to the post hoc tests.

Best regards,

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2018-06-08 15:17 GMT+02:00 Luca Danieli <mr.lucedan using hotmail.it>:
> Hello everybody,
> may I ask you a suggestion on how to interpret a weird result I have?
> I have 3 groups (ExpertiseType), and through the use of contrast hypotheses, the first model gives me this output:
> model = lmer(Score~Closure*ExpertiseType+(1|Participant)+(1|Item), database, REML=TRUE)
>                                                                   Pr(>|t|)
> Closurecl_c1:ExpertiseTypeexp_c1    0.42203
> Closurecl_c2:ExpertiseTypeexp_c1    0.00601 **
> Closurecl_c3:ExpertiseTypeexp_c1   9.32e-08 ***
> Another, more detailed model, gives me the following:
> model = lmer(Score~Closure*ExpertiseType+ExpertiseType*LastPosition+Closure*LastPosition+(1|Participant)+(1|Item), database, REML=TRUE)
>                                                                   Pr(>|t|)
> Closurecl_c1:ExpertiseTypeexp_c1    0.50738
> Closurecl_c2:ExpertiseTypeexp_c1    0.01059 *
> Closurecl_c3:ExpertiseTypeexp_c1   4.05e-08 ***
> As you can notice, I have an interaction in both analyses, but if I look for the same contrast hypotheses within the group for which I have the interaction, the Closurecl_c2 effect disappeares.
> model = lmer(Score~Closure*LastPosition+(1|Participant)+(1|Item), subset(database, ExpertiseType==3), REML=TRUE)
>                            Pr(>|t|)
> Closurecl_c1      0.4411
> Closurecl_c2      0.1419
> Closurecl_c3   5.00e-07 ***
> Which one should I consider the most reliable output?
> Or, alternatively, what does this difference mean? I really don't know how to interpret this outcome. I was expecting that within groups, the analysis would get more defined.
> Best
> Luca
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