[R-sig-ME] Vignette on using Julia MixedModels from R

Jon Baron baron at upenn.edu
Fri Apr 13 12:42:31 CEST 2018

On 04/13/18 21:58, Rolf Turner wrote:
>On 13/04/18 21:10, HAJDUK Gabriela wrote:
>> Hello Rolf,
>> You can highlight all text (Ctrl/Cmd + A) and then right click and choose print. 
>It should then give you the entire highlighted content - I'm on Chrome and if I just 
>right click and print I get the first page only, but highlighting beforehand gives 
>all the content. You might need to play with scaling before printing.
>Thanks very much Gabriela.  It works like a charm with Chrome, though 
>not (at all) with Firefox.

In Firefox (at least version 61+, but probably earlier), right click,
then select "This frame", then "Show only this frame", then print.

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