[R-sig-ME] Vignette on using Julia MixedModels from R

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Apr 13 03:11:46 CEST 2018

On 13/04/18 03:33, Douglas Bates wrote:

> Many users experience long execution times and convergence warnings when
> trying to fit complex linear mixed-effects models with lmer.  I have, in
> the past, shown that such models can be fit using the MixedModels (
> https://github.com/dmbates/MixedModels.jl) package for Julia (
> https://julialang.org) and that the data can be pulled from an R
> representation using either the RCall (
> https://github.com/JuliaInterop/RCall.jl) or RData (
> https://github.com/JuliaData/RData.jl).
> Recently the JuliaCall package for R (
> https://github.com/Non-Contradiction/JuliaCall) has become available on
> CRAN.  I have a short note at http://rpubs.com/dmbates/377897 on how to use
> that package to fit models using MixedModels from R.

This is of considerable interest to me since I am involved in some 
consulting work (about which I have annoyed the r-sig-mixed-models list 
on previous occasions!) which involves mixed models and I have 
experienced the problems referred to in the opening line of your message.

So I had a look at http://rpubs.com/dmbates/377897 just now, and it 
looks promising.

I have however a possibly naive or misguided question:  How do I get a 
printed copy of the vignette?  I tried saving or printing the page that 
showed up in my browser (Firefox; GoogleChrome) in various ways.  The 
result always seems to get truncated at a single page, with the bulk of 
the document omitted.  (The document is also somewhat messed up in other 

Is there a simple way of saving a copy of the vignette in such a way 
that I can print off a hard copy?  I suppose I am simply demonstrating 
my ignorance and showing that I am out of the loop when it comes to 
dealing with Rpubs and Rmarkdown documents, but that's the way it is.

Thanks for any tips and advice.



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