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I forgot to say that my data are on natural log scale- and I agree with x100 if we want see the difference in %.
This is a work for a Pharma company, they are interested in geometric means rather than arithmetic means (because data is not normally distributed).  


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Hi Kevin and Ahmad,

Back transformation is not tricky on the natural log scale. Just multiply the coefficients by 100 and view them as differences in percentage units – see https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.j3683s .

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Back transformation can be tricky. You should also look at smearing estimators. The package Hmisc has a function called smearingEst() that you might like to check.


On 03/31/2018 06:37 PM, Ahmad wrote:
Hi Kevin
Thanks for your email,
Yes, I almost figured out how get this done. I needed to get the exp() of intercept for the reference group and exp() of coefficient*exp(intercept) for the other group.
When I was trying this for geometric of 95%CI, the results don't seem quite right. I found an article that if I get the exp() of lsmeans (emmeans) these will produce the correct geometric outputs. Not sure why when I do these manually using the exp() of intercept and coefficient of lm- the outputs are not identical, but close enough.
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Subject: Re: [R-sig-ME] geometric mean regression Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't linear regression on log(y) accomplish this?
On 03/29/2018 08:25 AM, Ahmad wrote:
Hi All

I have a dataset and I have been asked to generate geometric means from the linear regression for different groups (2 groups).

In fact my data is repeated measures, and I intend to use a mixed-effects regression model with repeated measures. But I thought I can learn how to do this for a simple geometric mean regression, I should be able to translate this into a mixed model.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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