[R-sig-ME] Simulating linear mixed model data for factorial design with 3 levels

Maarten Jung Maarten.Jung at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Sat Mar 24 11:54:56 CET 2018

Dear list,

I struggle to simulate linear mixed model data for a within-subject
within-item factorial design (with crossed participant and item effects)
where the categorical independent variable has three levels.

The default parameters correspond to the estimates I got from an analysis
of previous data.
As I am using the mvrnorm() function with empirical = TRUE I expected that
the estimated parameters from lmer and my specified parameters for the
simulation would match closely.
However, they differ more than I expected.

I would be grateful if somebody more experienced in mixed model simulations
could have a look at my R code on Cross Validate:

Best Regards,


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