[R-sig-ME] prediction with glmer

Schlattmann, Peter peter.schlattmann at med.uni-jena.de
Thu Feb 22 11:43:41 CET 2018

Dear all,

Apologies for a potential second post, I am not sure my first post came through.

I am fitting a generalized linear mixed model with lme4 using glmer

 with binomial errors and logit link. I am using the “predict” function

 to obtain predicted values for the current model and data set.

 Here is some sample code

 m.age50<-glmer(ct_pos~cath_pos+(1+cath_pos|study_no),data=test, amily=binomial,na.action=na.omit)


My question is now: How exactly are the predictions calculated? I  could not find any details in the documentation.  Are these  just

 based on the fixed effects setting the random effects to zero? Or are  these empirical Bayes estimates?

Is there any documentation available?

Thank  you very much in advance.


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