[R-sig-ME] Plotting MCMCglmm regression with credible intervals

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Fri Feb 9 21:26:02 CET 2018

Hi all,

I am working on a logistic regression model using MCMCglmm. I would like to
plot the mean with 95% credible intervals on my regression plot, however
this is not so straightforward as the MCMCglmm output is in a very
different format than most software. I think I can manually bang it out
with a page of code, but I was curious if anyone knows of a simple, elegant
way to do this.

Below is a sample script. Imagine this plot with 2 additional lines (95%
CI's) on either side of the mean, shaded in between.

If r-sig-mixed-models is not the correct venue for this kind of question, I


#generate binary data
intercept1 = -6.0
b      = 2.75
x     = rnorm(100, 1, 3)
linpred   = intercept1 + x * b
prob1      = exp(linpred) / (1 + exp(linpred))
run1     = runif(100, 0, 1)
y     = ifelse(run1 < prob1, 1, 0)
df <- data.frame(y = y, x = x)

model1<-MCMCglmm(y ~ x, data = df, family = "categorical",
                 verbose = F, nitt  =2000, burnin = 500, thin = 1)

x <- df$x
y <- df$y
mod.x <- mean(model1$Sol[,1])
mod.y <- mean(model1$Sol[,2])

Jonathan A. Nations
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Museum of Natural Sciences <http://sites01.lsu.edu/wp/mns>
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