[R-sig-ME] How can I make R using more than 1 core (8 available) on a Ubuntu Rstudio server ?

Nicolas Bédère n.bedere at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 21:03:02 CET 2018

I want to run the *glmer* procedure on a “large” dataset (250,000
observations). The model includes 5 fixed effects, 2 interactions terms and
3 random effects. It takes more than 15 min to run on my laptop (recent
intel core i7, RAM = 4GO). Thus, the IT department of the University I am
working at developed a Rstudio server based on the Ubuntu system. My
problem is that 8 cores are available on this server but when I run the *glmer
*procedure, only 1 of them is being used and it takes more than 1h to get
the results... How can I solve that problem and improve time efficiency? I
found on google I may have to use the parallel procedure but (i) I am not
familiar at all with those informatics procedures and they look a bit
complicated, (ii) the code I picked works with other functions in other
packages such as *kmeans{stats}* (
but neither with *lmer *nor *glmer.*

Can you please help with a simple procedure to tackle the problem?

Many thanks !

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