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I am not sure this request makes sense. Consider the general idea that the (linear) mixed model is

Y = XB + ZU + e

Where Y is the outcome, X is the model matrix for the fixed effects, Z is the model matrix for the random effects, B are estimates of the fixed effects, U are the BLUPs, and e is the error term.

You can have an interaction between columns in X, and also conceivably between things in the matrix Z. But, you're asking how to estimate something that would be a combination of something from X and another something from Z.

Perhaps I am just unclear on your question.

Instead of assuming people on this list know what the design is you have, it would be more ideal to lay out your proposed model, and then R thinkers can possibly help you figure out the right lmer syntax for that model representation.

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I am working with a Federer's augmented block design in lmer function and I need indicate interaction between ramdom and fixed factors and between two ramdom factors . Can you say me how I should make this?

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