[R-sig-ME] Multilevel logistic regression guessing parameter

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It was equation 4 in appendix 1 I was referring to, as I corrected in a subsequent email. The html works fine for me. Anyway, it doesn't sound quite what Dominik is after for his model. 


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On 05/12/17 09:32, Conor Michael Goold wrote:

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>John Kruschke has an example in his book Doing Bayesian Data Analysis (using JAGS)
>and also in this paper (see equation 3 in appendix 4):

http://journal.sjdm.org/14/14721a/jdm14721a.pdf is better for
this. Html is not the main article. And, since there is no equation 3,
I guess this is equations 15 and 16. But, in any case, you need to
read much of the article to understand this.

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