[R-sig-ME] random slope by treatment interaction: specification

Ramon Diaz-Uriarte rdiaz02 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 18:07:21 CET 2017

Dear All,

I want to fit a model with a specification not unlike that given in Ben Bolker's
the entry that says

x*site + (x | site:block)

"fixed effect variation of slope and intercept varying among sites and
random variation of slope and intercept among blocks within sites".

In my case, however, I have a fixed-effects treatment, not a
(random-effect) site and blocks are not nested within treatment (they are
crossed). And I am not sure what is the way to model this.

I think a model like

x*trt + (x | trt:block)

is not really what I want: here, all the random slopes (intercepts) are
modelled as coming from the same distribution, regardless of treatment.

I think a specification like

x*trt + (x*trt | block)

is closer to what I want: for each block (not trt by block combination) I
get distributions of slopes (intercepts) that might have a different
variance for each trt.

In addition, it seems (to me) to make some sort of sense to specify the
same interaction in the fixed and random effects part (yes, a fixed by
random interaction ought to be a random effect, but I care about the
interactions between the fixed treatment and the x continuous covariate).

Is the second specification sensible?



P.S. The actual models, with both specifications, sometimes run into
convergence problems and I might be overfitting the data (e.g., huge
correlations in the random effects estimates). But I think that is
something I'd need to deal with once I really figure out the model to use.

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