[R-sig-ME] repeated-measures correlation coefficient?

Lee Wurm lee.wurm at wayne.edu
Mon Sep 19 14:50:40 CEST 2016

I've seen linear mixed-effects models described as "repeated-measures
regression analyses" and I'm wondering whether there exists something like
a "repeated-measures" version of the Pearson correlation coefficient. For
my dataset the linguistic content of interviews has been coded on several
dozen dimensions (like proportion of words that are pronouns, proportion of
words that involve positive emotion, overall number of words, etc.), and
I've been asked to show the correlations between lots and lots of these
dimensions. The problem is that the data come from perhaps 35 different
interviewees, who are represented in the data different numbers of times
(from 1 to 90 interviews). My searches on this topic all point to the
intrac-class correlation, but when I read the details it seems obvious to
me that this is not what I want.


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