[R-sig-ME] Cross-classified multilevel binary logistic regression model with random effects at level 2

Doran, Harold HDoran at air.org
Wed Sep 14 20:21:58 CEST 2016

Our paper below does exactly this


On 9/14/16, 12:14 PM, "MACDOUGALL Margaret" <Margaret.MacDougall at ed.ac.uk>

>I am not a seasoned R user and am therefore keen to identify a book
>chapter that provides structured advice on using R to set up the type of
>model I am interested in. I would like to run a cross-classified
>multilevel binary logistic regression model. The model contains two level
>2 random effects variables. These variables are crossed to form a
>cross-classified design. The model has subjects at level one and these
>subjects are nested within each of the two level 2 variables. I
>understand that the R package lme4 may be suitable for running my model
>and that there are several published books on running mixed models in R.
>If a list member is able to kindly recommend whether one of these books
>is particularly helpful in enabling less experienced R users to fully
>understand how to use this (or an alternative) program specifically for
>the model I have outlined above, I would be most grateful for
>Best wishes
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