[R-sig-ME] error: 'Calloc' could not allocate memory

Diego Pavon diego.pavonjordan at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 08:18:08 CEST 2016

Dear colleagues

I am handling a (relatively large) data set on ring recoveries and I want
to fit a random effects model to the data using the package lme. When I run
the RANDOM INTERCEPT ONLY model it runs nicely, but when I try to include
also RANDOM SLOPE then I get an error message:

Error in logLik.lmeStructInt(lmeSt, lmePars) :
  'Calloc' could not allocate memory (2036500788 of 8 bytes)

My memory is right now:
> memory.size()
[1] 375.64
> memory.limit()
[1] 3e+11

I have tried to run it only with R running in the computer (plus the basic
stuff that may use RAM) but still can't get the results. Any ideas how to
deal with this issue?



*Diego Pavón Jordán*

*Finnish Museum of Natural History*
*PO BOX 17 *

*Helsinki. Finland*


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