[R-sig-ME] LaplacesDemon back on CRAN

Henrik Singmann singmann at psychologie.uzh.ch
Mon Jul 18 11:46:50 CEST 2016

Dear all,

It may be of interest to some on this list that after 3 years 
LaplacesDemon is back on CRAN: 

LaplacesDemon provides a complete environment for Bayesian inference 
using a variety of different samplers.

Unfortunately, the original authors and maintainers Byron Hall and 
Martina Hall of Statisticat have ceased the development so the version 
on CRAN is basically identical to the last version published on GitHub 
in 2015.

I have moved the package to a new GitHub repository and only serve as 
maintainer to ensure it stays on CRAN. Given this I welcome all 
contributions, especially example models of any type. To contribute 
visit: https://github.com/LaplacesDemonR/LaplacesDemon


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