[R-sig-ME] Convergence warning message

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 03:43:39 CET 2016

   To answer this particular question:

   The importance of accuracy in the approximation of the integral over 
the random effects (for which glmmPQL < Laplace < adaptive Gauss-Hermite 
quadrature) depends on the degree to which the sampling distribution of 
the conditional modes (approx "BLUPs", i.e. the values associated with 
deviations of particular grouping factors from the population average) 
are Gaussian.  In particular, if you have Bernoulli responses and small 
numbers of samples per group (which seems to be the case here -- 1 to 4 
observations per individual if I read your data correctly) then yes, 
this will be a concern ...

On 16-03-16 04:33 PM, Christopher David Desjardins wrote:
>  From what I've read online, glmmPQL is inappropriate with Bernoulli
>> >>trials.
>> >>Is that correct?

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