[R-sig-ME] Error produced while fitting nlmer Emax function

Munjal Patel munjalpatel85 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 15:11:56 CET 2016

Dear R-Users and Developers of lme4,

Good Morning.

I am an Intermediate level R-user.

I do follow Blogs and comments in variety of sources for e.g RPubs,Github

I am facing some technical problem and wanted to ask one question.

It will be great if you can provide me some thoughts behind it.

I am trying to fit the Emax Model with nlmer.My model description is as

*EmaxM <- function(BASE,EMAX,EC50,CONC) {*

*         BASE+( EMAX*CONCs/(EC50+CONC) ) }*

*EmaxG <- deriv(body(EmaxM)[[2]],*

*               function.arg=EmaxM,*

*               namevec = c("BASE","EMAX","EC50","CONC"))*


I am unable to write the nlmer function from the above mentioned arguemtns.

I have tried the following format but it gives me an Error.

*#The Error producing model fit formula*

*fit <- nlmer(HR~

*              data,start=startvec,verbose = TRUE)*

*I was unable to find the supporting material especially for the NLMM
models.Your input will be very helpful in this if you explain how to
gradually build up the NLMM model in terms of the Model Syntax.*

*I also seek help in the reading material which gives more idea about the
implementation of Random and fixed effects syntax using nlmer.*

*Thank you very much for your kind support and help in advance.*

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