[R-sig-ME] glmmADMB error: no PSV file found

Moore, Peggy peggy_moore at usgs.gov
Tue Feb 23 20:48:39 CET 2016

Kathy:  My solution was to go to follow the instructions at:
They indicate you should 1) go to the 'buildbot' page (link provided),
download the latest version of glmmadmb for your version of R and your
version of Windows, 2) save that file to the location of your glmmadmb.exe
file obtained with :
They list other options for trouble shooting; however, they neglect to
point out the minor step that, after backing up your .exe file, you need to
rename the file you download to glmmadmb.exe.
Once I did that, I found the program then wrote the 4 mcmc output files to
the save.dir location: .hst, .ecm, .mcm, and .psv.

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> Have you found a solution yet Peggy? I am also facing the same issue.
> Moore, Peggy <peggy_moore at ...> writes:
> >
> > I am using glmmadmb (glmmADMB_0.8.3.2 and R2admb_0.7.13) with R
> version
> > 3.2.1 (2015-06-18) to fit a negative binomial mixed effects model to
> my
> > data. Response is repeated measures of plant counts following
> herbicide
> > treatments. There are 2 fixed effects (year, treatment) and 2 random
> > effects (block, plot:block). I successfully fit the model when
> mcmc=FALSE,
> > but when I add mcmc=TRUE, I receive the error: no PSV file found.
> >

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