[R-sig-ME] Plotting effects in original units

Mariano Devoto mdevoto at agro.uba.ar
Fri Feb 12 12:59:54 CET 2016

Hi everyone. I am using 'glmer' function in lme4 package to run a glmm with
rescaled explanatory variables (i.e. I used 'scale' function to centre and
standardise each variable). I am now trying to use the output of the
'allEffects' function in the 'effects' package to calculate and plot the
effects. For each explanatory variable I want to extract the fitted values
(and the confidence interval) and plot them but labeling the axes in the
original units. I don't want to use the default plot function because I am
trying to make custom-made figures. Is there a way around having to use the
inverse of the link function and then backtransforming using the inverse of
the scaling to get the values I am looking for? I'd appreciate any tips.



Dr. Mariano Devoto
Investigador Adjunto del CONICET
Cátedra de Botánica General
Facultad de Agronomía de la U.B.A.
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