[R-sig-ME] R code for segmented mixed models with random changepoints

Vito M. R. Muggeo vito.muggeo at unipa.it
Fri Feb 5 12:01:26 CET 2016

dear all,
hopefully it is of interest for someone..

I have written a set of functions to fit segmented mixed models, i.e. 
piecewise linear relationships with random changepoints in a 
likelihood/frequentist framework.

The functions seem to work reasonably well, although some bugs are 
expected.. :-)

Code (and an example dataset) along with some worked examples 
illustrating the functions are available on ResearchGate:

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/292986444 (code and data)

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/292629179 (examples 
illustrating the code)

Bugs, questions, doubts and feedbacks are welcome!


Vito M.R. Muggeo
Dip.to Sc Statist e Matem `Vianelli'
Università di Palermo
viale delle Scienze, edificio 13
90128 Palermo - ITALY
tel: 091 23895240
fax: 091 485726
Associate Editor, Statistical Modelling

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