[R-sig-ME] random effects plot

David Villegas Ríos chirleu at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 11:38:47 CET 2016

Hi all

I’m running a MCMCglmm mixed model in which the random effect is the
interaction between the individual identity and the season of the year
(categorical variable, four levels). The response variable is a behavioral
trait (dvm).

Basically I’m trying to figure out if the individuals adjust their behavior
over the seasons in a different way (individual plasticity).


I’m trying now to plot the random effects (the mode I guess) for each
season. So the plot I need is “season” in the x-axis and then the random
effects on the y-axis. The different values of each individual for each
season will be linked by a line, so I can have a way to visualize the
reaction norm for each individual.

Can you advise me on how to  proceed? I guess what I want is stored in
model$Sol ??

Many thanks and happy new year.


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