[R-sig-ME] question about degrees of freedom in lmer , library(lme4)

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 21:36:07 CEST 2015

  check out the pbkrtest, lmerTest, and afex packages (and the ?pvalues
help page in the lme4 package, which points you in those directions)

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 9:19 AM, m51988mnew at juno.com
<m51988mnew at juno.com> wrote:
> Mr. Bolker,
>  Perhaps you can help me with a question about lmer  in library(lme4).
>  In SAs proc mixed there are various options for calculating degrees of
>  freedom for fixed effects.
>  This matters when the standard error of an estimate is a linear combination
>  of mean squares, for which proc mixed provides sat and kr options.
>  Does lmer have such options?
>  Thank you.
>  Stanley Shulman
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