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On 15-09-02 02:45 PM, Joaquín Aldabe wrote:
> Hello, I sent this message but not sure if you received. I really 
> appreciate any comment. Thanks a lot, Joaquín.

  You should generally be subscribed to the list if you're going to
post there, but you might have your options set so that you don't
receive copies of mail you sent.  You can also check the archives at


or the Gmane interface to the mailing list at


(I prefer the latter, but there is sometimes a slight delay).  There's
also a Nabble interface, but it tends to send things to the list in a
slightly obnoxious way, so I would avoid it.

   If you know that your message got through (by looking in one of the
places above) but no-one seems to answering, you can (1) send a
follow-up after a few days politely asking for more attention; (2) try
to figure out why your question didn't get answered.  It might (a)
have slipped through the cracks (in which case go to #1), or it might
be too general, or too vague, or too hard, for people to answer.  It
never hurts to try to make your question narrower, or more precise, or
explain the context better, or provide a reproducible example
<http://tinyurl.com/reproducible-000> (I see that you did include data
and scripts, but these sometimes get stripped by the mailing list.
Also, people are more likely to respond to a *minimal* example, e.g. a
message that says "there's something wrong in these 5 lines of code"
rather than "my script is attached, please see my questions therein".)
 (Asking good questions is hard; so is finding the time to answer them.)

  Ben Bolker

> 2015-09-01 17:58 GMT-03:00 Joaquín Aldabe
> <joaquin.aldabe at gmail.com>:
>> Hello, I´m trying to model de abundance of a grassland shorebird 
>> (Buff-breasted Sandpiper, BBSA) as a function of the abundance of
>> American Golden Plover (AMGP) abundance, grass height and
>> distance to the lagoon. I´m using area as an offset.
>> I´ve tried a glmm with poisson errors and wanted you to see if
>> residuals are fine (they don´t look great, but wanted to know if
>> they area minimally acceptable). Also, I´m trying to understand
>> two way interactions but I´m no sure how to proceed, and also
>> would like to plot the interactions and unique variables effects
>> (can you please provide suggestions?).
>> I also have problems with the predict function. In the script are
>> the notes. I´m attaching the data as well as the script with
>> commentaries.
>> Let me know if there´s some format problem with the files.
>> Thank you very much in advanced.
>> Joaquín.
>> -- *Joaquín Aldabe*
>> *Grupo Biodiversidad, Ambiente y Sociedad* Centro Universitario
>> de la Región Este, Universidad de la República Ruta 15 (y Ruta
>> 9), Km 28.500, Departamento de Rocha
>> *Departamento de Conservación* Aves Uruguay BirdLife
>> International Canelones 1164, Montevideo
>> https://sites.google.com/site/joaquin.aldabe 
>> <https://sites.google.com/site/perfilprofesionaljoaquinaldabe>

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