[R-sig-ME] nlme prediction with predictor function

Cole, Tim tim.cole at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Mar 27 18:30:16 CET 2015

Dear Mario,

You'll remember I was struggling to find a way of passing a function to nlme within a package. After about 5 years I have finally cracked it!

This is the structure I want, but unless both instructions are in globalenv nlme does not see fitnlme.
fitnlme <- function(...) {...}
nlme(y ~ fitnlme(...), fixed = ..., random = ..., ...)

The solution is as follows: create a new environment, write fitnlme to it and then attach it:
fitenv <- new.env()
fitenv$fitnlme <- function(...) {...}
nlmecode <- "text containing nlme command code"
nlme.out <- eval(parse(text=nlmecode))

It works!

Best wishes,
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