[R-sig-ME] Help with glmmADMB error messages

Aoibheann Gaughran gaughra at tcd.ie
Wed Jan 7 16:33:44 CET 2015

Hello, I have a global model that seems to be working (albeit with a subset
of my dataset, not my full dataset). There are 9 explanatory variables, 2
random variables and three interaction terms. However I can only get it to
run with two of the interaction terms. The third (habitat:month) causes
this error message which Ive web searched but cant seem to find an
explanation for.

Error in glmmadmb(field_count ~ age + sex + habitat + month + soil + slope
+ : rank of X = 139 < ncol(X) = 142

Habitat has 10 levels and month has 12. Perhaps this is too much for the
model to cope with? Can you shed any light on this problem?

Also, does you know why my model breaks down the more data I include? At
the moment Im including 10,000 rows of data, but I need to analyse ~45,000
rows (and counting).

Many thanks,

Aoibheann Gaughran

Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology Research Group
Zoology Building
School of Natural Sciences
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2
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