[R-sig-ME] ANOVA for large data sets

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 14:20:37 CET 2014

Aneta <aneta871 at ...> writes:

>  Hi Everyone, I am very new to R programming and I need your help
> regarding two way ANOVA model.  I have one variable (response) and
> three factors (Source, Batch and Time). I am always going to have a
> difference within time so probably I do not want to include it (??)
> in the analysis.  I need to identify if there is a difference
> between the Source. I know how to run the test for one sample.
> However I do not know how to process multiple samples (large data
> sets) with multiple variables sharing the same three factors.
> Please help me out! Please let me know if you need more
> clarification and I will be happy to provide it to you.  I am
> looking forward to your response.  Best!  Aneta

  There is indeed probably not enough detail here for us to help
you.  Consider looking at http://tinyurl.com/reproducible-000
for more information about writing good reproducible examples in R.
It's not clear whether you're looking for information about how
to use for loops to automate separate analyses over different data
sets, or to use the multiple samples as random effects in a mixed
model.  As far as being very new to R programming, there are many,
many resources available online (and lots of good books) -- it's
probably best to read some things that are relevant to your subject
area, and to browse the [r] tag on StackOverflow.

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