[R-sig-ME] anova (lm, lmer ) question

Ben Pelzer b.pelzer at maw.ru.nl
Thu Oct 2 13:33:56 CEST 2014

Dear list,

Is it possible to use the anova( ) function to compare the deviances of 
a model1 (fixed intercept) and a model2 (random intercept):

model1 <- lm (y ~ 1)
model2 <- lmer (y ~ (1|country), REML=FALSE)

In the above situation, one can use -2*LogLike(model1) and 
-2*LogLike(model2) to find both deviances, the difference of which then 
can tested. However, it would be nice if anova (model1, model2) could be 
used to this end. Is this possible somehow?


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