[R-sig-ME] Paternity data analysis problem

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 15:16:23 CEST 2013

Moshiur Rahman <mrahmankufmrt at ...> writes:



> I did an experiment with FAs ['High' and 'Zero'(no w-3) quality; n=24 for
> each group]. Then I did AI to see their sperm competitiveness based on
> their paternity performance. My data is as below where Fish ID- Blind ID
> for each fish; Group ID- Dietary group ID; Diet quality - High=1, zero=0;
> Babies for paternity- total no. of babies got from females; Success -
> Babies shared/paterned by focal male; Failure - Babies shared/paterned by
> competitor, Proportion - Success/(Success+Failure), and the predictor
> traits are Viability, CASA PC1 and Body FAs. I’d like to examin:
>  1) effects of diet on paternity performance of fish (either high/low or
> both);
> 2) effects of predictor traits on paternity success.

  The codes weren't attached, that I saw -- the mailing list software
often strips off attachments.  

  In general you should assess overdispersion in the most complex
(maximal) model you plan to analyze.

  Please respond to David Duffy's response to you, rather than
re-posting ... or cross-posting to R-help ...

  Ben Bolker

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