[R-sig-ME] NegBin mixed models and gamlss.mx

David Atkins datkins at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 2 17:27:07 CEST 2011

Hi all--

I got the second edition of Hilbe's book on negative binomial 
regression, which now includes R code in addition to Stata, and I was a 
bit surprised to see code to fit negative binomial mixed models using 
the gamlss.mx package.  To be clear, I just wasn't aware of it, not that 
I've got anything against that package.

Given the somewhat regular traffic here about NB mixed models (and lack 
of R software for fitting them), I am guessing this might be flying 
under the radar generally.  (Or, it could just be me!)

Below is a little code showing how to fit such models and comparison 
with glmer() using over-dispersed Poisson mixed model.  Note that you 
are restricted to "two level" models, in the multilevel lingo. 
(Possibly also uncorrelated random-effects, I haven't played with models 
too much yet...)

cheers, Dave

### RAPI
rapi.df <- 
header = TRUE)

### Table 2 - Model 1
rapi.df$over <- 1:nrow(rapi.df)

rapi.glmer <- glmer(rapi ~ gender + time + (1 | id) + (1 | over),
					data = rapi.df, verbose = TRUE,
					family = poisson)

### Model with random-effect for time
rapi.glmer2 <- glmer(rapi ~ gender + time + (time|id) + (1|over),
					data = rapi.df, verbose = TRUE,
					family = poisson)

### try gamlss

rapi.nbmix <- gamlssNP(rapi ~ gender + time,
					data = rapi.df,
					random = ~ 1 | id,
					family = NBI,
					mixture = "gq", k = 20)

rapi.nbmix2 <- gamlssNP(rapi ~ gender + time,
					data = rapi.df,
					random = ~ time | id,
					family = NBI,
					mixture = "gq", k = 20)

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