[R-sig-ME] generalized mixed models with proportion data using lme4

David Duffy davidD at qimr.edu.au
Thu Mar 31 04:49:19 CEST 2011

On Wed, 30 Mar 2011, Sacha Heath wrote:

> - Also, I realize I incorrectly cited p-values from glmer summary
> tables (instead of those derived from, for example, LR tests); the
> p-value for Treatment derived from the Likelihood Ratio test was
> p=0.01, which is even more ambiguous, but my main points / questions
> remain the same.

Have you done the permutation test within your pairs?  I think that 
answers your main question.

I don't see why you wish to go to repeated measures modelling of 
individual leaves, unless you think the distribution of damage might be 
different under the nets, in which case you would need an appropriate 
interaction term in the RE part.

Just 2c, David Duffy.

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