[R-sig-ME] dotplot question

Sebastián Daza sebastian.daza at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 22:22:52 CET 2011

Dear list,

I have a couple of questions related to dotplots and ranef:

1) Does anyone know how to order the distribution of a residuals in a 

dotplot(dotplot(ranef(model, postVar = TRUE)...

sometimes residuals are ordered but other times they are not.

2) Is it possible to organize these plots in a matrix (as par function 
does)? I have more than a random term... so would be useful to order 
theses plots in a matrix...

3) Is it possible to change the strip name of these plots?

Any clue about these questions will be appreciate.
Thank you in  advance!
Sebastián Daza
sebastian.daza at gmail.com

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