[R-sig-ME] Mixed-model-binary logistic model with dependence between individual repeated measures

Anna Ekman anna.ekman at amm.gu.se
Fri Jan 7 17:35:46 CET 2011

Ben Bolker, thank you for your suggestions.

Yes, it is suprising that I in SAS and STATA have to assume independence between the measurements within an individual. I do not want to assume that. In addition I would like to be able to chose other distributions than the normal for my random effect, which is not possible in SAS (proc NLMIXED).
The generalized estimating equation packages are probably not an option as I do not whant marginal models.
I will look at the references you suggested.
Thank you.

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On 11-01-07 06:59 AM, Anna Ekman wrote:
> Hi, I am a novice R user and do not know how to properly mail to this
> list. I apologies if I do it in the wrong way.
> I want to analyze my data using a random intercept (later extended
> also to random slope) logistic model for a binary outcome (later
> extended to a ordinal outcome). This I have been able to do in SAS if
> assuming the repeated measurements within an individual to be
> independent, but I want to be able to choose different covariance
> structures for the individual measurements. This I cannot do directly
> in either SAS or STATA, and therefore now turn to R. How can I do
> this in R?
> Anna

  I'm surprised that you can't do this in SAS (PROC MIXED, NLMIXED, or
GLIMMIX?) or Stata <http://www.gllamm.org/>, but: if you want to do it
in R, your choices are glmmPQL in the MASS package or possibly one of
the generalized estimating equation packages (geese, geepack?)  I would
recommend the following references for getting started:

  Zuur et al Mixed models (Springer)
  Pinheiro and Bates 2000 (Springer), especially the material on
temporal autocorrelation models

  Extending to a ordinal outcome with temporal autocorrelation could be
tricky ...

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