[R-sig-ME] glmer in R

Leena Hamberg leena.hamberg at metla.fi
Tue Mar 8 07:35:40 CET 2011


I have estimated GLMMs in R using function glmer in library lme4. I 
realized that quasi error distributions cannot be used when glmer 
function is used. Thus, I would like to verify that I have understand 
instructions concerning glmer in R correctly. Is it so that you can - 
instead of quasi distributions - put your observation unit as a random 
factor into models?:

= "log"),niter=100,data=sorbaucu)

Sample plot in the model above is a real random factor (including 
several observations) but variable "obs" means observation units (as a 
factor). Thus, does this handle the same thing as does quasi error 

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