[R-sig-ME] Evaluating mixed logistic model efficiency

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I 'quick and dirty' method I like to us is to calculate the mean predicted
value by actual value. If your model is working well the predicted score
for actual 0's should be quite low and the predicted score for actual 1's
quite high.

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Dear mixed modelers,

In my actual knowledge status, the best available measures to evaluate
goodness-of-fit of a mixed logistic model are Deviance, LogLikelihood,
AICc if necessary, BIC (I may forgot some of them but they are all
However, these measures only permit to classify models from the best to
worse without knowing if the best model is really efficient in explaining
the data.

It exists pseudo-R2 calculation based on differences between the
of  the intersect only model and the likelihood of the model that you
to evaluate. But use of those methods are generally discouraged.

I would like your opinion about that !
If you have any suggestion I will be happy to learn from you !

Thanks for your help.


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