[R-sig-ME] Predictions with glmer

Cyrille Gouat cyrille.gouat at ens-lyon.fr
Fri Dec 3 15:23:54 CET 2010


I'm a master student and a newbie with mixed models.
I'm doing generalised linear mixed models using lme4 with binomial  
family to test facotrs influencing reproduction (success or failure)  
and I was wondering weather it was possible to obtain predictions with  
such model taking into acount fixed and random effects and would it  
make sense?
Here is the model I use:

m3<-glmer(reproduction~year+habitat+(1|Id), family=binomial, data= dv)

I have missing data in my dataset (not all years for each individual)  
so I was wondering if it was to reconstitute individual trajectories.

Thanks for your help.


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