[R-sig-ME] Analysis of signal detection data

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I would add the following paper, which discusses Bayesian SDT models. 
Rouder's website may have software to estimate the models.

   author = {J. N. Rouder and J. Lu},
   title = {An introduction to {B}ayesian hierarchical models with an 
application in the theory of signal detection},
   journal = {Psychonomic Bulletin and Review},
   year = {2005},
   volume = {12},
   pages = {573-604}


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I know mixed effects modelling can handle binomially distributed
error, but is there any way to handle this sort of signal detection
data? My first thought is that glmmer with 4 categories corresponding
to the hit, miss, false alarm, and correction categorization of
responses, but I don't immediately see how this would properly connect
the hit-vs-miss data to reflect a hit rate and the
false-alarm-vs-correct-rejection data to reflect a FA rate.



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