[R-sig-ME] profile, confint and p-values in lme4

Marie-Hélène Hachey marie_helene48 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 11 00:07:25 CET 2010


I've been trying to make a profile zeta plot and check the confidence interval of
my data in lme4 but I got these messages:


> profile(model)

Erreur dans UseMethod("profile")
:   pas de méthode pour 'profile' applicable pour un objet de
classe "mer" (No method for "profile" applicable for an
object of class "mer")


> confint(model)

Erreur dans object$coefficients : $ operator not
defined for this S4 class  (Error in objects$coefficients)


I found the "profile" and "confint" functions in Doug Bates e-book. I
know he's been using lme4a for that book, so I downloaded it and installed it
last week but then the function lmer stopped working and I uninstalled it.


Any advice?


Next question: I've read about p-values for lmer,
and I understand that because of the problems with the p-values (conservative, value of p twice of what it should be), 
lme4 didn't give them before in its output. At the present time, lme4 gives the p-values. Is the problem


In other words: can I rely on those p-value or
should I use a Monte Carlo simulation like D. Bates suggested in 2006 (in article "lmer,
p-values and all that")?


Thank you


Marie-Helene Hachey


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