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   See the documentation for lme (nlme package), specifically ?lme and
?corClasses .
Beyond that, see Pinheiro and Bates 2000 (Springer).

On 10-10-22 05:35 AM, wong wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a R package for fitting a generalized linear mixed
> model g(E[y])=Xβ+Zu where g is a link function, β is a p vector of
> fixed effects, u is a vector of random effects, X is design matrix,
> Z is an identity matrix. In our data, each individual has only one
> observation for response y. Because individuals may be correlated
> in some way, leading to similar reponses, random effect u is
> employed to correct for individual background effect. The variance
> of u is assumed to be Var[u]=G*σ^2, in which G is a correlation
> matrix.
> glmmPQL in MASS has an argument for correlation. However, I
> encountered an error of invalid formula when using a n*n dimension
> matrix G (n is the number of individuals, and also the length of
> y) for argument 'correlation' in glmmPQL. For example:
> iteration 1 Error in formula.default(object) : invalid formula
> The R help documentation for glmmPQL is very compact. No detailed
> explanation. Does anybody know how to use correlation matrix in
> glmmPQL? Is it good to use glmmPQL for fitting my model?
> Thanks.
> Alex
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