[R-sig-ME] NAs from lmList(fit GLM) :fit fixed-effect GLMs within each level of the random factors

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Fri Jun 4 21:28:19 CEST 2010

I use lmList to fit GLM (logit, with 3 contious predictors) within  
each leavel of my random factor. I can get results but with some  
warnings. I think the reason for the warnings is because GLM(logit)  
can not be used or estimated within some levels. (The dependents are  
all 0 within some levels. There are some NA for some estimated  
coefficients in the results).
Is there a way to remove those lm objects with NA values from the  
lmList results? I cannot use plot(),intervals() for the lmList  
results(I guess it is because of those NAs )

Quoting David Atkins <datkins at u.washington.edu>:

> Ben et al.--
> Methinks lmList() in lme4 package takes a family argument:
> Arguments
> formula 	a linear formula object of the form y ~ x1+...+xn | g. In the
> formula object, y represents the response, x1,...,xn the covariates,
> and g the grouping factor specifying the partitioning of the data
> according to which different lm fits should be performed.
> data 	a data frame in which to interpret the variables named in object.
> family 	an optional family specification for a generalized linear model.
> [snip]
> So, I don't think a workaround is needed.
> cheers, Dave
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