[R-sig-ME] sanity-checking plans for glmer

Mitchell Maltenfort mmalten at gmail.com
Mon May 31 00:24:00 CEST 2010

Having briefly fallen for the notion that the negative.binomial family
in MASS could be used in glmer, I want to use these lists for a sanity
check on my final (?) plans.

I want to use glmer for logistic regression and for poisson regression
on a data set of 10,000 items.  There will be two crossed random

For the logistic regression, I want odds ratios with confidence
intervals.For the poisson regression, I'd want multiplying factors,
again with confidence intervals. Either way, my co-authors will want
p-values.  I'd also like to examine whether the two random effects
have comparable variation, and whether any of them are provide odds
ratios or multipliers that are are statistically distinct from 1.0 .

Can I use the s.e's and p-values (from z-statistics) provided by
glmer?  Or should I use the pvals.fnc function from the language R

Are there any holes in my plans I'm not seeing?

Thanks in advance.

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